30+ Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks in 2020

30+ Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks in 2020:¬†Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office package that facilitates users in completing many useful tasks such as maintaining an individual budget or logically organizing unique records by using rows… Continue Reading →

Top 10 E-learning Websites

 Khan academy  Salman Khan, an American educator, founded khan academy in 2006. It is a free e-learning platform. The quality of the lectures is outstanding from student to adult. Everyone can find suitable courses at the khan academy. Khan academy… Continue Reading →

How to post jobs using XML feed at jobgrin

What is an XML feed? XML job feeds are XML files that include the content in specific tags or markup. Nowadays, recruitment companies use XML job feeds for a job posting as it ensures that there is no important information… Continue Reading →

How do I write a career objective in my resume

What is a career objective? A career objective or resume objective is a paragraph usually at the top of your resume that describes your skills and how they align with the job you are applying for. It is a declaration… Continue Reading →

How To Get Your Resume Past through the Applicant Track...

When major multinational companies post job opportunities, there is a multitude of candidates who rush to for their dream job. Nowadays, these major companies do not check each resume personally. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) does it instead. An applicant… Continue Reading →

Jobs That are Going To Be In High Demand After Lockdown

COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on the Metropolitan Cities COVID-19 first affected metropolitan cities and then spread to other cities in India. This issue forced the government to implement a lockdown in India’s cities. Due to the nationwide lockdown, the hiring process… Continue Reading →

Important Documents for HR Professionals and Employers.

You ever asked why documents are so significant for any business? They go about as confirmation of records of all the official activities of the organization. HR Documents are fundamental to record all the exchanges, activity, and occasions identified with… Continue Reading →