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How to Build an Employer Brand Strategy in 2023

The world is rapidly changing, and so do the expectations for workers in all industries. In the last year, the talent market has changed again.  We at JobGrin have new experiences every day in the recruiting field, we can say… Continue Reading →

Psychometric Tests: Truly A Future Recruitment Tool?

Psychometric test is an overused term. However, it is the testing of the brain. In contrast to qualifications, education, experience or appearance & punctuality, a candidate’s character traits and personality are challenging to judge in an interview. Through psychometric testing,… Continue Reading →

Secret Tips For Avoiding Employee Burnout

We believe that a high degree of productivity is a desirable objective that most workplaces aim to achieve. But focusing on productivity to the point that you ignore the people who do the work could be an utterly wrong move…. Continue Reading →

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition: What’s better

It is common to hear the terms talent acquisition and Recruitment used as synonyms. These terms are most commonly used in corporate settings where the discussion is focused on adding employees to the company. While we can all voice our… Continue Reading →

Important Documents for HR Professionals and Employers

Have you ever asked why documents are so significant for any business? They go about as confirmation of records of all the official activities of the organization. HR Documents are fundamental to record all the exchanges, activities, and occasions identified… Continue Reading →

How to post jobs using XML feed at jobgrin

What is an XML feed? An XML feed is files that include the content in specific tags or markup. Nowadays, recruitment companies use XML job feeds for a job posting to ensure that there is no important information missed out…. Continue Reading →

Best HR Software that can save time up to 600%

This article extensively covers how you can reap benefits from top HR software and bring unbelievable pace and perfection to the whole HR process. Being an owner of a small business, balancing all of your different responsibilities & roles can… Continue Reading →

Managing remote teams: How to Support a Work-from-Home ...

2022 was predicted as the “remote work’s year.” However, even the most optimistic advocates for telecommuting never anticipated the world’s biggest launch of work-from-home experiments before the first quarter’s end.  While many individuals are used to expensive offices in our… Continue Reading →

How to Hire and Manage the Best Copywriters in 2023?

Since we at JobGrin have been working with freelance copywriters for many years, we can share some of the wisdom we have learned. The past years have been spent in digital marketing recruitment; we have explored deepness! We have learned the value… Continue Reading →

How to Engage Job Seekers Online: 18 TESTED TRICKS

In today’s online recruitment market, which is getting competitive, your company requires access to quality portfolios to recruit the right talent for the right job at the correct time. While the increment of online recruitment has widely raised the capabilities… Continue Reading →

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