The world is rapidly changing, and so do the expectations for workers in all industries. In the last year, the talent market has changed again. 

We at JobGrin have new experiences every day in the recruiting field, we can say that talent is in high demand, and employer branding is becoming a priority.

What is an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is built on your EVP (Employee Value Proposition). It outlines what values and mission you share and what you expect from your candidates.

Your employer brand reflects the perception of your employer to others within and outside your organization. Therefore, your employer brand can only be controlled by how you communicate your company’s culture, mission, and values.

In a world where employer branding is even more important in the race to find the right talent, it is more critical than ever that scaling companies get these strategies right by 2023. Large corporations may have huge recruitment marketing budgets and the ability to hire at scale, but every company has a culture.

This should be celebrated. These unique characteristics will make you stand out in 2023 and beyond. However, you must remember that not everyone is the same and that different work areas will appeal to different candidates.

However, all these people are becoming more aware of what they want. Therefore, employer brand communications are crucial in a market where candidates have cards.

So, let’s understand how to build an employer brand strategy in 2023!

Here are the Best Tips to Build Your Employer Brand for 2023

The gimmicks are gone; authenticity is the key:

Gimmicks at work have been largely eliminated over the past few years. With a population that has experienced a global pandemic, gimmicks like unlimited vacations or a slide at the office won’t cut it.

Both candidates and employees are savvier and focused on the employer they want. They’ll be less distracted by work environments that try to make them “fun.”

“Quirky employer branding will only take you so far.”

Now it’s time to reflect on what you can offer your team and how they can benefit from you.

To convince top-level talent to join your company, knowing yourself as an employer is vital. Be authentic in communication. Your company culture must reflect the image you project into the world. In 2023, authenticity is key.

Show how you have adapted:

These past few years have truly been full of surprises. Companies have had to adapt quickly to changes in ways that no one could have predicted. These are the kinds of things potential candidates want to learn. 

  • It will make you a trustworthy employer that you can rely on to start a new career. 
  • You can shout how you have managed to keep your team together through years of resignations and layoffs. 

“This adaptation shows that you are a people-oriented business.”

All employees worry that this level of uncertainty could happen again, so it will be reassuring for candidates if you can share how you have adapted and survived the pandemic. However, you should not brag.

Be who you are, and take control of it:

Employer brands must be more specific in 2023 to attract the best talent, not just those who are available. In addition, companies of all sizes are putting in more effort to attract talent, making it harder for smaller businesses to stand out.

We also see many hiring failures because companies are so eager to hire skilled workers that they don’t consider cultural fit and candidate expectations. Your employer brand must combine both to be successful.

Boost your employer branding efforts:

Spend more time making yourself the employer of choice. But make sure you only reach the right candidate. You can use this to your advantage. Not everyone wants to work at Amazon and Google.

Consider your company culture and the type of employer you want to be. Then, own it. You can be the type of company that allows employees to take on multiple responsibilities and still creates a positive experience.

“Quality is more important than quantity.”

This will be an excellent opportunity for many candidates. If you believe in offering great training opportunities and encouraging candidates to grow with your team and become future leaders, this is the same. This will appeal to some candidates.

2023 will be the year to know who you are as an employer and promote those qualities that make you stand out. If you want to attract top-quality employees, the time is gone for extensive employer branding messaging.

Personalize the employee experience:

Employees in all industries have realized that there’s more to life than just work over the past two years. Employers have also realized that their teams may have more going on than just their 9-5.

Your EVP and employee experience must treat your employees as individuals to help you build an employer brand. Understanding that everyone is unique and lives in different situations is essential. Unexpected situations can often arise in our lives.

While we don’t recommend that you become a “bossy” boss if your industry or company culture is unsuitable, we suggest you…

“Treat your employees respectfully.”

These are easy ways to achieve this. Benefits should feel like they are helping your team and not just for their own sake. Development should be highly personal and tailored to your goals. Paid leave should also be considered.

After all that we’ve gone through, employees won’t feel like another cog in the machine if you don’t portray yourself as an authentic employer brand.

Recognize the importance of employees:

In 2023, what is necessary for candidates and employees will be different from the past few years. 


  • Diversity and inclusion were prioritized following the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.
  • Sustainability is also becoming more important after COP26.
  • During the pandemic, flexibility and remote work were top priorities for candidates when considering returning to work. One year later, many people miss the social aspects and collaboration of being back at work.

You need to understand what’s important to the people you want to recruit and retain in order to make your employer brand stand out in the upcoming year. 

Talk to your team and get their opinions:

That’s the only way to adapt your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to current priorities. Of course, market research can help you understand the preferences and needs of candidates, but it is also possible to be switched on and look at the talking points around.

Remember that youngsters make up a more significant percentage of the workforce and have different priorities. You’ll be talking to these people if your talent acquisition efforts are successful.

Older generations tend to be more settled and may even consider retiring. Therefore, you must understand their value and adapt your employer brand messaging accordingly.

Be ready for change:

The past two years have truly shown us that change is quick and agile businesses will win. One event can make or break the expectations of employees and candidates forever. It can also make you look old and out of touch as an employer.

In the pre-pandemic era, few people worked remotely, and employers tried to attract candidates with unique perks. Candidates also had less power than today. Your employer brand must be ready for rapid changes in the recruitment market.

“Your employer brand shouldn’t be static”

It is crucial to constantly improve how you communicate your employer brand and identify what makes you different. Your unique qualities should be maintained as your business grows.

You’ll also have more stories to share as your employees become part of the company. Finally, you’ll be able to adapt quickly to future changes by having an employer branding strategy that is continually evolving and improving.

Your employer brand should not be stagnant and stuck in 2022 or the past. Flexibility is key to your employer brand and communications. If something is of crucial importance to candidates, you will be able to adapt quickly and remain an exciting proposition.


JobGrin has helped many of the most innovative scale-ups to create employer branding communication strategies and EVPs that stand out from the crowd. 

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