This article extensively covers how you can reap benefits from top HR software out there, and bring unbelievable pace and perfection the the whole HR process.

Being an owner of a small business, balancing all of your different responsibilities & roles can be a challenge.

As you develop, easy tasks for large corporations-employee benefits, payroll, time tracking, etc. gets more and more complicated, and it further consumes time.

As all of these aspects are crucial to running a business, no matter small or big, you might not be having individuals or enough time to adequately devote to day-to-day maintenance. That’s where an ideal HR software comes in handy.

As the HR for small businesses’ industry has developed a lot, the software has arrived to incorporate over what we basically think of as resources of the humans.

Now, talking about the management of the general employee, HR software incorporates fabulous capabilities such as on-boarding procedures, review processes, and more.

#1 – Namely Review – Best for Employee Self-Service

Namely - Best for Employee Self-Service

Namely, the software has been developing in brand recognition in previous years, is among these all-in-single HR software platforms. Namely is specially created for businesses that are mid-sized with the destination of assisting you to engage your employees & create a better workplace.

If the best HR software for your small business is what you’re searching for, you might have read about some Namely reviews and seen several descriptions of this platform too.

Namely is basically an HR software platform that’s cloud-based and enables leadership, employees, and HR professionals to use it simply for the daily works they have.

When using the Namely platform, your business can ensure essential human resources requirements, for example, building a personnel database, onboarding, and storing vital employee documents.

The Namely platform seamlessly integrates these capabilities of HR with other highly useful features such as advantage payroll, management, and management of time.

Using Namely, tracking your time of employees, ensuring everyone gets ideally paid and on time, and also offer perks for snatching and retaining Talent. In case utilizing other systems is what you’re currently doing, then Namely’s open API permit you to pull that data into the platform, so it’s undoubtedly all-in-one.

Overall, Namely not just offers you the ability to handle your HR requirements but also a complete range of tasks regarding business management on one platform that is surely user-friendly.

Namely Features

  • Modern HR
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Benefits administration
  • Talent with eSignature
  • Exchange Partnership
  • Managed Services

Namely Pricing

Saying it with harsh, but like numerous other HR software platforms, Namely asks for quotations, which means contacting them for pricing info is required. No pricing or expenses information is accessible on their website.

Emailing them directly to request a demo of the service they provide is the only option. Discover more regarding what pricing might fit ideally for your organization’s size and certain requirements HERE.

#2 – APS Payroll Review – Best for Payroll

Best for Payroll

APS Payroll + HR software is a human resource information system that’s cloud-based and automates plus centralizes processes for management of the workforce. Through this platform, owners of businesses can go paperless when we talk about managing payrolls. Also, about every computation is right & compliant considering tax policies.

Scheduling can be done by administrators, too, so that you can transfer automatic payments right on time. The payroll system they have is linked directly to the attendance records they have where the time ins & outs of employees are monitored closely.

It deletes entries that are duplicates and also notifies managers of the Attendance in-real time of their employees too. The solution can manage core HR processes as well, for example-employee performance evaluation, events tracking, advantages administration, and so on.

It can monitor recruitment processes and sticks via until the onboarding of fresh hires to make sure consistency. Plus, the platform offers real-time HR analytics. It assists in making data-driven choices for HR programs. The solution is basically ACA compliant and integrating it with other programs of HR & business solutions is also possible.

This software not just manages payroll, but in core HR processes, it can assist you too. No longer requirement of installing different applications for users that’s gonna only manage one certain aspect of management of the employee.

With the APS’s feature-rich ability, the solution arrives with all the required data to monitor and quantify the HR program implementation’s success. It can further produce reports with every feature it offers.

For instance, the analytics it does on overtime on the basis of trends on records of Attendance. It can also report on fresh hires’ progress, ACA compliance, workforce diversity, etc. Customizing these reports is easily possible depending on what a user is attempting to know.

APS Payroll Features

  • Payroll management
  • HR automation
  • Attendance records
  • Management for Events
  • Advantages administration
  • Performance management
  • Carrier connections
  • Live analytics
  • ACA Compliance
  • Centralized dashboard

APS Pricing

Pricing info for APS Payroll Solution is provided by the software supplier or retrieved from pricing materials accessible by the public. The final price negotiations to buy APS Payroll Solution is something that only the software provider could do.

*The pricing accessible is basically an estimate based on every employee every month structure for 25 to 100 employees. The least billable cost is $250 for one month, which incorporates any combination of chosen services.

Any taxes that are applicable are not incorporated, and your fees are subject to enhancement with further purchases. Payroll & Attendance is $8 for every employee for a month. With Scheduling, APS will cost you an additional $3 for every employee for a month.

#3 – BerniePortal Review – Best Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)

Best Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)

Founded in the year 2008, BerniePortal is typically an online all-rounder HR platform, which assists small and medium-sized employers in solving the issues of transactional HR with software and the issues of strategic healthcare with an authentic advisor.

Transactional issues, such as payroll and onboarding, are ideally solved with solution-providing software. However, with healthcare, software solitary won’t offer you optimal outcomes, and an experienced advisor offers immense value.

BerniePortal manages applicant tracking, PTO tracking, onboarding, compliance, time and attendance, advantages administration, COBRA, and 1095-C reporting.

Besides that, BerniePortal provides you a variety of carrier integration and payroll options. This software is supported by a healthcare advisors’ network and worldwide brokers.

BerniePortal’s HR functions enhance compliance, deletes the duplicate entry of data, and lessens paperwork. The connectivity between features permits administrators to handle the competitive employee lifecycle from a single platform, which enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of crucial human resources functions.

An employee platform for self-services, BerniePortal permits employees to remotely log in to achieve tasks. Also, the remote capabilities of BerniePortal extend to mobile devices and enable employees self-service from the place where they want to work from at any time.

Organizations can further expand their advantages offerings while enhancing understanding of employees & simplifying enrollment. You can also utilize BerniePortal for IRS filings. However, the software does not have any in-built payroll features; it can integrate seamlessly with the existing payroll system you have.

BerniePortal Features

  • Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Attendance management
  • Email Integration
  • Expense Management
  • Management for Employee Self Service
  • Help Desk
  • Role-based access & Multi-User login
  • Payroll and HR
  • Payroll Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Attendance and Time Management
  • Task Management

BerniePortal Pricing

BerniePortal is just available via brokers. Every feature has a minimum cost of $15 for one month and an additional $5 for a user per month.

#4 – Workday Review – Best for Human Capital Management (HCM)

Best for Human Capital Management (HCM)

Workday will unify HR and finance, offering you live insights, predictive analytics, and global visibility. Created for the cloud, Workday arrives with its customers at the heart of every single business choice it has.

Enhanced by founders with a track record that was credible proven, Workday determines the role of its clients in its solutions’ development. A version alone of this software is accessible to meet the requirements of all diverse organizations, as Workday integrates with a huge era of business applications and systems as well.

Simple & intuitive, Workday is developed especially for the way you do your business. No expertise is required there to quickly achieve your tasks. In other words, when you use Workday software, no more disruptive and complicated upgrades will be there.

With this software, you’re completely assured you are every time using the previous and advanced version. At Workday, the organization has created and continually updated rigorous protection guards into its solutions.

Among additional features, users are further be offered absence management, advantages administration, and also automated bank statements reconciliation.

The approach this software offers ensures the ideal protection and integrity of the data and secures numerous security threats & data breaches. Besides that, Workday chooses highly reliable and protected data-center suppliers as its partners.

With a large range of live business insight, completely auditable process management, financial capabilities, the software is transforming enterprise finance.

To create metrics even better, Workday also provides a flexible pricing scheme; it implies that a draft will be a separate quote for every single user, depending on what he/she requires.

Workday Features

  • GL, AR, AP, and Financial Statements
  • Reconciliation and Consolidation
  • Allocations and Accruals
  • Workpaper Reports
  • Plans and Budgets
  • Multicurrency
  • Business-Event Driven Data Capture
  • Operational and Financial Reporting
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Multi-Dimensional Reporting
  • Protected Data Access
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Embedded Process Management
  • Separation of Duties
  • Configurable Security Roles
  • Full Auditability
  • Transactions and Cash Accounts
  • Reconciliation and Banking
  • Settlements and Transfers
  • Real-Time Forecasting

Workkday Pricing

Workday doesn’t publicly release their cost info. Therefore, please contact them directly for a quote.

#5 – Kissflow Review – Best for Employee Onboarding and Applicant Tracking

Best for Employee Onboarding and Applicant Tracking

Kissflow believes the individuals nearest to the chaos get knowledge on what’s the ideal process of fixing it. Therefore, they build a platform to assist every single business user in discovering, modifying, craft and use business applications.

Each application is created using beautiful, modern technology and easy-to-use to assist even non-technical individuals. No coding or complicated mapping needed.

Kissflow is also serving the strength of the business process management as well as workflow software to your office, especially for an expenses fraction. Over 10K+ clients use Kissflow in nearly 121 countries. The software is integrated deeply with Google Apps and is at a high rate.

Kissflow permits you to craft easily and publish workflows in just some minutes, using a 5-step intuitive wizard. After you publish, Kissflow assists you in handling your workflows with approvals, permissions, etc.

Kissflow also provides robust analytics, assisting you in identifying bottlenecks, so improving throughput can be possible. It installs rapidly to the Chrome browser and further can be integrated easily with a myriad of other systems along with an API, Zapier support, and WebHooks.

Kissflow is OS-agnostic and provides mobile workflow translation apps for both Android and iOS. It’s utilized by companies in any imaginable industry, with notable customers incorporated Pepsi the U.S., Sysco, Vonage, Coast Guard, Saint Gobain, and numerous others.

In case getting further knowledge about Kissflow, or other software for workflow management, click, call, or email to speak with an Advisor of Technology for a no-expense, no-obligation consultation.

Unlike complicated BMP tools, Kissflow has adopted a strategy that’s the lightweight of regulating distinctive workflows and operations, permitting managers to get knowledge and prevent issues instead of fixing those.

The suite consists of over 50 applications installed for diverse business activities incorporating purchase orders, vendor payments, employee onboarding, mileage reimbursement, etc.

Kissflow Features

  • Document Management
  • Invoices
  • Data Imports/Exports
  • Application Integration
  • Resource Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Help Desk Management
  • Approval Process Control
  • Task Tracking
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Forms Management
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Rules-Based Workflow
  • Process Management
  • User Access Controls

Kissflow Pricing

The 3 plans from Kissflow are – Starter, Growing, and Enterprise, out of which the starter plan doesn’t cost you anything. Still, it includes 3 channel security levels, Posts and announcements, Pinned posts, Polls & surveys, Mobile app for Android and iOS, etc. Further, the Growing and Enterprise plans cost you $490 and $1000, respectively.

Other considerable HR Software that make your life easy!

Undoubtedly, the top 5 choices are there for reasons, but who knows some other software may meet your requirements in a better way? Shall we peep behind the curtain, and cherish some more HR software?

BambooHR (employee self on-boarding/ATC/timeout tracking)

BambooHR is basically an online human resource (HR) service and software that provides an end-to-end solution for your workforce management. It’s now having among the highest-rated HR solution in this listing.

Also, BambooHR has won the Expert’s Choice Award for 2020 and also the Best HR Management Software Award for 2020.

The software offers small and developing organizations a platform that’s user-friendly where migrating data from complicated spreadsheets becomes easier to a modern HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that suits their certain requirements. In case visiting their system in action, then schedule a live demo here.

With this software and its services, HR professionals can concentrate their efforts and time on highly essential tasks. The Applicant Tracking System of BambooHR can administer all parts of the life cycle of an employee and offer crucial personnel visibility with the help of strategic indicators, for example, retention and turnover.

The very first thing, which attracts attention when searching at BambooHR is how modern and sleek its UI (User Interface) is, with an easily understandable color template, which makes HR management highly enjoyable instead of bringing boredom.

A few businesses think that appearance is a bit irrelevant. However, this software plays a vital role in handling the workforce, specifically in a huge working team.


cakeHR (Now SageHR) (leave management/Timesheets/shift scheduling)

CakeHR offers users an integrated time as well as attendance solution, which permits them to build employee schedules & monitor leaves, vacation days, and absences.

Besides that, CakeHR permits you to onboard & off-board the employees you have, set up a chart that’s organizational, and produce powerful reports!

For each request, a manager or employee enters for time off; then, you can discuss and comment easily in a neat thread that will be shared. When every time a comment is entered, email notifications will be forwarded to the eligible employees & managers that own the rights to view the request.

When you start responding to the comment within your email, the system will use API for linking the conversation to the request that’s original in CakeHR so that, when required, a complete audit history of every message and action is located within a single centralized system.

The system is completely Web-based, permitting supervisors, employees, and managers to view it using any gadget from any time, from anywhere. The platform comes with an innovative UX and UI.

As this system was founded by a master that was a great web developer, CakeHR arrives with the experience of a quickly developing market and the dynamic workplace culture’s empathy.

Most importantly, employees are not over three clicks away from each task and outcome in CakeHR. CakeHR assists you in getting a solution for your HR issues and permits you to concentrate on developing your business!


ADP Vantage HCM (ACA Advantages)

In simple words, ADP Vantage HCM is reliable. We’d be glad to describe that ADP is basically a mature, strong, and reliable organization – with half a million consumers and gains revenue of billions of dollars. Make sure you discover beyond just Vantage and at the additional services ADP offers, and they do make an ideal business partner.

Vantage is a completely created Human Capital Management suite, and obviously, it covers HR, advantages, payroll, attendance and time, and management of the talent. Before you select Vantage HCM, the following key focuses are what you must know firstly:

First of all, Vantage surely comes with reliable mobile support. Vantage also owns an iPhone application and also an HTML version of the mobile that works for Blackberry, Android, and other mobile devices. This is undoubtedly a sensible decision to take, you’ll surely be happy with it.

After that, ADP has good protection practices, and they take security seriously. Besides that, we would like to indicate some independent protection certifications from Vantage, such as ISO27001. ADP also offers SAS 70 Level II reports by their audit, which indicates that they have a better corporate environment.

Lastly, among the ADP Vantage HCM’s major advantages, one is its flexibility. As a suite, Vantage is well-arranged. It has strong functionality for handling the workflow and is highly configurable, making it sufficiently flexible for the vast majority of business requirements.

Depending on the business’ needs, the pricing of ADP Vantage HCM plans for subscriptions is selectable. However, the costs described under their subscription model are competitive in comparison to other software.


SAP SuccessFactors (planning of analytics & workforce)

SuccessFactors is a worldwide business execution software supplier and is cloud-based and an aspect of the reliable SAP productivity suite. The software permits onboarding, collaboration, and a majority of tools for social business management.

Besides that, SAP Success factor also has an in-built LMS (Learning Management System) tool and HR functionalities that are robust and can tackle talent recruitment, management, and applicant tracking easily.

With these functionalities, you can implement business strategy alignment easily and boost your team’s performance, no matter in which organization or industry you work in. The complete suite is costed reasonably, to say the minimum, with an individually tailored subscription for all clients.

What satisfied SAP SuccessFactors’ customers deeply is this tool offers over process efficiency and transaction expenses savings. That’s why all the customers appreciate this software as the best system for management.

Businesses can use its complete suite of collaboration, core HR, talent solutions, and workforce analytics to assist in enhancing productivity and retain, engage, and even make the employees motivated.

Currently, SuccessFactors is a frequently liked system for acquisition that is smart, which our experts garner for fascinating in numerous fronts of critical business. To begin with, it will offer progressive security of talented & valuable workers and distinguish awful performance before letting it causing whatever harm to your business.

Savvy leaders surely gonna appreciate this software due to the large and global customer base it offers, with the inclusion of over 180K consumers from nearly 40 countries. The network of collaborators & partners is pretty much similar: the business community of this product already has over 120K members!


Adrenalin HRMS (workforce performance and administration management)

Adrenalin HRMS is basically an exclusive human resources tool, and a solitary platform, which gonna fix every HR-related issue. The software is replete with features and services, which assist businesses to develop the productivity of the work team they have.

Adrenalin will come with a digital platform for assisting the automated routine of HR and tasks of payroll. It’s completely web-based software for human capital alignment and offers you features such as performance alignment & advancing, iAnalytics/iReporter, compensation modules, etc.

The system of this software has an independent browser that’s workflow-based and arrives with all the necessary self-service features. It is also covering transactions such as vice-versa & employee-to-business.

MyAdrenalin HRMS is released to users by an Intellect Design Arena group company – Adrenalin eSystems Limited. Intuitive and Intelligent software has a track record that’s fantastic of being among the highly reliable & relevant software in the market accessible today.

Adrenalin HR software, as well as the parent company’s other products they have got, are now being used by over 700 clients and more than 700K users over the world.

This Adrenalin HR tool assists in defining the structure that’s organizational & job roles without headache. The tool supports employee demographic information securely.

This eventually will lead to an improvement in decision-making and enhancing compensation guidelines according to organizational policies.

Hence, HR and payroll departments can currently stay up-to-date on the information of employees with ease, for example, promotion, confirmation, employee transfers, and contract termination as they happen.


MHR iTrent HR (payroll/analytics)

MHR is a software organization that began the journey in the UK in the year 1984 and offers a software product which we know as iTrent. Costing starts at $10.00 monthly. iTrent provides training through webinars, documentation, live online, and sessions that are in person.

iTrent is basically a human resources software and incorporates features such as attendance management, applicant tracking, benefits management, compensation management, career development planning, employee database, onboarding, payroll handling, employee lifecycle handling, recruiting handling, succession planning, a self-service portal, timesheets, training management, time-off management, performance management, attendance & time management, and lastly, 360 degrees feedback.

iTrent will offer you business hours support, online support, and 24/7 live support for issue fixing and inquiries. iTrent also has a free trial. iTrent is accessible as SaaS software. Some optional products to iTrent incorporate UKG Pro, Workday HCM, and Workzoom.

The advantages Administration feature is gonna help you with the electronic handling of individual employees’ advantage packages. Due to its scalability, you reap advantages such as insurance, vacation, and organization marketplace.

The Payroll Management feature also supports electronic processing, employee payroll reconciling, and posting. It can be flexible, especially for printing physical payroll checks.


SutiHR (training management/employee self-service)

SutiHR is a large suite of HR applications that can work well for companies of any industry. On top of that, Personnel Tracking is accessible standalone. Many other apps like Time & Attendance, Payroll, Performance Review, On-Boarding, and Employee Self-Service are available inside a suite.

Professional employees are responsible for staffing and hiring; SutiHR provides tools like applicant dashboards, Applicant Tracking, and eNotifications. You can conveniently arrange interviews with SutiHR’s calendar, and automatic email alerts keep the hiring and recruiting process on track.

The user-friendly Self-Service Employee application empowers each employee to manage their own training, information, reporting, benefits, and much more. Groups and commenting abilities keep your employees’s engagement and productivity high.

HR would love how basic it is to make and manage employee profiles, assignments and monitor the operation of training and off-board efficiently and effectively in cases of termination or retirement.

Managers of other departments will have total access to a host of tools to manage employee’s time, performance as well as attendance, task delegation, and document approval.

Dynamic reporting feature supports all of these functionalities. Each user gets the eligible level of access to produce pertinent reports on employee performance, information, recruitment, attendance, training, and much more.


Oracle HCM Cloud (talent management/workforce reward)

Oracle HCM Cloud is a totally HCM ( human capital management solution for large enterprises to midsize companies. It’s purpose is to connect HR processes, from retirement to hiring.

This comes with talent management, global HR, payroll, and workforce management. The Oracle cloud serves to integrate HCM-related features with supply chain, finance, and consumer experience (CX).

Oracle HCM cloud streamlines daily HR tasks using AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) functionality, like virtual simulations and digital assistants.

Oracle Cloud advantages include the refinement of workforce timesheets, data management, employee advantages enrollment, and many other employee management operations. It does provide you a report of all the problems of management and allows the automation of many normal Human Resource-related jobs to streamline business processes.

Owner of SaaS (software as a service) software like Oracle HCM Cloud hosts your software on the dedicated server, taking full responsibility to update and maintain systems.

The deployment of this Cloud software is generally faster because of not having to install hardware on-premise. The Oracle HCM Cloud execution guide makes the deployment process quite a smooth transition to streamline your process of migrating to a cloud HCM.


UltiPro (payroll/benefits administration)

UltiPro is a package of Ultimate Softwares, which is the main cloud provider of HCM (human capital management) software. The award-winning UltiPro provides Human Resources, talent, payroll, compensation, and labor and time management applications that connect employees with the information and resources they require to work more efficiently.

Since the establishment in 1990 in Weston, FL, thousands of worldwide customers are using Ultimate’s items in various industries. UltiPro provides an employee management solution developed for unique roles: payroll professional, CFO, HR director, hiring manager, HR manager, executive, and supervisor.

It simplifies the process of keeping records of all employee details like benefits information, personal details, performance history, and employment history, among each other. The software could manage the complicated computations and requirements of payroll for every role in Canada and the US.

The software comes with life events, administration, open enrollment, employee surveys, advanced learning management experience, as well as sentiment analysis.

The AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) platform is programmed on ML and organic language processing which does empower you to grasp the understanding, prediction, and customizations of HCM processes automatically.


DayForce HCM (workforce management/analytics)

HCM software is a Human resource management software that streamlines HCM (human capital management) by automating the payroll operation, workforce and talent management, as well as tax compliance.

Dayforce HCM tools do all of that process and much more, with its host of functionalities designed to handle CHR (corporate human resources).

Do you know that Dayforce HCM by Ceridian is the largest provider of HCM services currently?

The Ceridian began the journey in March 2012 and has since expanded to one of the largest SaaS companies for Human Resources tools. It provides services to SMEs and larger companies alike. Their human resources management services could help both the entire workforce and single teams inside a company.

Dayforce itself works as a SaaS cloud-based platform. It manages almost every responsibility of an HR manager/professional with a single software. Plus, the software oversees regulatory compliance and tax, documents management, and HR records among every secondary HR process.

You can utilize Dayforce HCM by a mobile application in real-time, which could track diverse employee information, so you could implement any specific decision-making on the go.


Best HR Software that can save time up to 600%: Let’s Conclude without skipping an important note!

Those HR software positively help in minimizing time, confusion, and overall efforts, but we’ve got something more here.

We know that the life of an HR manager is full of responsibilities and challenges, and getting access to helpful HR software isn’t enough.

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