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Job Description

Business Summary

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. VMware accelerates customers digital transformation journey by enabling enterprises to master a software-defined approach to business and IT. With VMware solutions, organizations are building extraordinary experiences by mobilizing everything, responding faster to opportunities with modern data and apps hosted across hybrid clouds, and safeguarding customer trust with a defence-in-depth approach to cybersecurity.

At the core of what we do are our people who deeply value execution, passion, integrity, customers, and community. Do you dare to do the stuff youve always dreamed about? Dare to explore athttp://careers.vmware.com.

VMware offers cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and security services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our world is all about technology, and that world is growing because the imagination, ingenuity and talent of our teams knows no bounds. We believe that creativity sparks innovation and inspires our employees to think of VMware differently and change the world around them.

AboutAviNetworks(now part of VMWare)

AviNetworks now part of VMware is a software-only application networking and security solution.Avirevolutionized the architecture for load balancing and web application firewalls by creating a multi-cloud load balancing and application services fabric.Avihas enabled the worlds largest financial services, technology, media, and eCommerce enterprises to simplify operations, deliver applications across clouds, and save costs while replacing their legacy hardware load balancers.Aviwas acquired by VMware in July 2019.

AviNetworks provides multi-cloud load balancing, web application firewall, application analytics and container ingress services across on-premises data centers and any cloud. The software-defined platform delivers applications consistently across bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers to ensure a fast, scalable, and secure application experience.

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About Advanced NSX Load Balancer (previouslyAviVantage) UI

  • Setting upanetworkloadbalancernaturallyrequires a lot ofconfiguringweexposeabout100differentobjects (entity types)andthetotalnumberofformfieldsisjustshy of 2000.Every object type isrepresented viaacustomizablelist view(CRUD)andamodal window toconfigure it.Thispart is quitesimilar to what you can find in a public cloud management console.
  • Objects representingthehighestabstractionlayersrequirearicherUIrepresentation.The system(backend)suppliesuswith thewide range of real-time information aboutnodestatusesand load.To present that inausable andfunctionalmannerwe havedetailpagesrendered witha wide range of custom elements, such as D3 charts,various info-cards,lists of events and logs associated with them.
  • We haveafewdashboardswith chartsrepresenting the data flow coming through theload balancerandasystemconfiguration tree incorporatingruntimestatuses and current load.
  • Our application is built on top ofaUI components library andalayerofOOP-drivendata model abstraction whichallows for high component reusability and generally lean presentationallayer(component controllers).
  • Ourtechstack is TypeScript,JSES6,Angular 9.1, AngularJS1.7, D3,Clarity 3.1,LESS (BEM) and webpack.We usenodejsfor custom tooling.REST API is provided by customized PythonDjangoframework.
  • To give youasense ofourprojectsize: wehave~400 components and~500 servicesand factories.
  • TheAviUI application is growing rapidly to incorporate new product features and at the same time we are migrating from AngularJSto Angular 9 and working on completing aUI/UX rehaul to be more aligned with the look and feel of other VMware products.

Team Overview

We are a small butverypassionate team located in Palo Alto, USand Bangalore, India.Quality, extendibilityand long-term sustainability are our prime goals whichis quite a challenge inanever-changing Frontend development environmentandsteady pace of new features beingintroducedto the load balancer product.

We are operating onatwo-week sprint basisand work hard on improving our dev and work flows.

Job Role and Responsibility

We are looking foraUI team leadand senior UI engineer/architectwithstrong and relevanttechnicalexpertiseand prior experience with UI projectsofasimilar size andcomplexity.

When hired you will be driving UI development inourIndiaoffice workingwith our team, UX designer in US, project managersandbackend teams in Bangalore tosettleonrequirements andAPIs.

Required Skills

  • CS basis applicable in day-to-day workon UI app.Note: we do not traversered and blacktreesonadaily basis.

  • expert level of JS/TS knowledge with emphasis on OOP

  • Expert level of recent UI frameworks:Angular/React(and relevant libraries)/Vue/AngularJS

  • Experience with unit tests including testinginfrastructuresetup

  • Expertlevel of CSS

  • Comfortable with git

  • Understanding and ability to setup efficient dev/work flowfor the team

  • Team leader skillset:communication,motivation,coaching,planning,scrum/agile techniques,documentation

  • UI feature/infrastructurecodearchitecture design, decomposition

Additional Skills:

  • knowledge of recent HTML(DOM)/JS/TS/framework of your choiceandfeatures

  • Angular 7/8/9andNgRx

  • Puppeteer (Chrome Dev tools interface)

  • Backenddevelopmentexperience (nodejs, python, go, etc)

  • devOps skills: containers,linux, bash

  • Valuable and recent opensource contributions(please share links)

  • Tech blog(please share links)

  • Public talks (please share links)

  • Automated UItesting experience

  • Experience with UI app performance and security

  • Angular Material components

  • GraphQL

Quotes fromAviLB customers:

We have reduced app deployment time from 23 days to 23 seconds withAviLB

Every time a business unit saw theAviDashboard for client logs, metrics and analytics, their eyes light up. This was information we never had before

Due toAvisgranular multi-tenancy, RBAC, and user-friendly interface we can now provide access to this importantinfrastructure component for the vast majorityof our support stuff. This greatly reduces the time needed for fixing customer issues and applying changes

We saved over50% to 60%inapplicationtroubleshootingtime and effort WithAviit was very easy because all troubleshootinginformation is displayed in a single UI and you see exactlywhichvirtual service handled a transaction and which node in the poolresponded.It makes things a lot easier to debug

Appliance-based products werent meeting our needs, and as we evaluated alternatives, web application firewalling was our number-one consideration. We were pleasantly surprised byAviiWAFssimple deployment, impressive ease-of-use, and intelligent security analytics, as well as the responsiveness of theAviteam.

Experience Required :

Not Disclosed

Vacancy :

2 - 4 Hires


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