Backend Developer

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Job Summary

About the Role

Stuff you ABSOLUTELY MUST have done
Worked on either JAVA or NODE or BOTH (Duh!)
Written complex queries for MySQL or PostgreSQL
Optimized code for high performance
Object-Oriented Design and Programming
Worked on SOLR

Good stuff that you should have done (or should sound familiar)
Used Postman
Handled at least one product/feature end-to-end

Bad stuff that you should have done
Caused a memory issue/deadlock/CPU utilization issue
Been directly responsible for at least one production issue Created a bug that took at least a couple of days to figure out and fix
Had heated arguments with co-workers about your code (or theirs)

Stuff you will be working on; aka Stuff you should be excited about
Coding for a large user base and high-traffic volumes
Solving interesting problems with tight deadlines
Working with obsessive-compulsive Product Managers
Creating products that are high-quality, highly scalable, and with bugs that most
users/testers will not find

Experience Required :

Not Disclosed

Vacancy :

2 - 4 Hires


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