In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, the conventional job search process has undergone a significant evolution. The days of scouring newspaper classifieds and sending out physical resumes are long behind us. Instead, we’re fully immersed in online job portals, where exciting career opportunities are just a few clicks away.

Digital platforms are now at the heart of modern recruitment. They link job seekers with potential employers in unprecedented ways. These portals simplify the hiring process, from posting jobs to interviews, revolutionizing how we find, apply for, and secure employment.

Within this blog, Let us delve into the dynamic world of the hiring landscape through JobGrin(India’s most popular job portal with over 100K+ active users). Join us on this journey as we dive into online hiring. We’ll simplify the process for you.

Allow us to delve into a comprehensive overview of the hiring process facilitated by JobGrin. Let’s delve into crucial steps in-depth, illuminating the intricacies of recruitment using JobGrin. Here is the sequence of steps:

    1. How to Create an Account on the JobGrin Website?
    2. How to Post a Job For Free?
    3. How to Contact and Find the Candidate’s Resumes?
    4. How to Close the Job Openings?

How to Create an Account on the JobGrin Website?

Browse a website called “JobGrin“. When the site is loaded, the dashboard will appear on the screen.

At the top of the page, you’ll notice a menu bar with an option labeled ‘Employer.’ Clicking on the ‘Employer’ section will reveal two subsections: Employers/Post Job & Find Resumes.

Select the “Employers / Post Job” section. Upon site loading, the dashboard will appear on the screen.

After clicking “Post a Job,” you will be prompted to log in to your account. In the image above, you’ll notice an option below the sign-in button to create a new account. Create an Account using that option. An alternative approach is establishing an account using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn authentication details.

Here, you have successfully created your account.

How to Post a Job For Free & Hire Employees?

After successfully creating your account, you will find yourself in the following scenario: On this page, you’ll be directed to another page with two options – “Create Your Resume” and “Employers: Post Job.”

Opt for the second option, “Employers: Post Job.” Here, you’ll find a message asking you to type in your company name to start creating your employer account.

Your “My Employer Account” has been set up, and you will be directed to your employer account dashboard. Here, you will find an option, “Post a Job,” enabling you to initiate the job posting process for free. Click On it.

Now, we can begin entering the job details to publish it on the website. Let’s dive into the initial step of the job posting process.

Step 1: Basic information about the company.

Please provide the essential company information, including the Company Name, Your Name, Company Size, URL, Mobile Number, and Location. These details must be included in our database to ensure comprehensive and accurate records.

Step 2: Add Information regarding the Job

Ensure you include not only the essential company information like Company Name, Name, Company Size, URL, Mobile Number, and Location but also the specific job details, including Job Title, Job Role, and Application Type (Email/In-person).

Furthermore, please select the relevant options within the job details section on both the individual’s job preferences and the policies set forth by the company.

Step 3: Job Description, Skills, and Screening Question

Craft a concise job description encompassing approximately 150 words. Additionally, outline the preferred skills and qualifications when searching for the ideal candidate.

Furthermore, you can customize this section to match your needs and preferences. You can include screening questions with four categories available: experience, education, language, and location.

Step 4: Preview the Job Post

Review the provided details before publishing the job post, and then proceed with posting it.

After the JobGrin team completes the verification process, your job post will undergo an assessment and review on our website.

In addition, within your employer account, you’ll have the privilege of accessing candidate resumes, empowering you to search for the ideal candidate to fill your job vacancy. 

How to Contact and Find the Candidate’s Resumes?

After setting up your “My Employer account,” you will have the ability to view candidate resumes. Here are two ways to access the candidate’s resume, as outlined below:

1. Find the resume from the main Dashboard

To start, you can navigate to the employer section on the menu bar, where you’ll find the “Find Resume” option directly on the main Dashboard.

2. Find the resume from the Employer Dashboard

Another way is to visit the employer dashboard link, which can be found at “” Once there, you’ll either be prompted to create an account if you haven’t already done so, or you’ll immediately spot the “Find Resume” option.

Click “Find Resume” and then provide the job title and location.

Consequently, the system will provide you with a list of resumes that meet your criteria. You can carefully review these resumes and choose the best candidate to fill your job opening.
Let’s take an example:

Job Title: Accountant

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

In this section, you can review your job requirements and contact the candidates whose qualifications align with your needs. This feature allows you to ensure that your chosen candidates meet your specific criteria, enabling efficient communication with potential hires.

How to Close the Job Openings?

Within the Employer Dashboard, navigate to the menu bar and select the “Jobs” option.

Once you click it, the jobs that you have posted will be visible on the screen.

In the below image, you’ll see an option named “More Actions.” To access it, click on it.

Once you click on this option, a range of choices will become available. To close a job posting, click the “Close Jobs” option, as shown in the image above. To repost the same job in the future, the process remains straightforward.


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