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How to create a free job post on JobGrin?

  • Login to the JobGrin.Co.In the Recruiter account.
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  • Include Job details. Location, job title, description basically all job details Add your email and phone number so we can add your send you responses form candidates
  • Add Application details of the job.
  • Review your application and post the job.

Why Post Jobs On JobGrin.Co.In

Instant messaging

JobGrin offers instant messaging features. so, the employer can contact a potential candidate instantly

Inbuilt ATS

We have an inbuilt Applicant tracking system (ATS), so the employers find only the finest resumes and don't waste time checking all the applications.

Social sharing

We share jobs on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others to thrive employer’s reach to job seekers.

Resume alerts

Create resume alerts by entering proper keywords and get an email alert when new resumes get uploaded with your matching requirements

Free Resume Database

Access a huge resume database of JobGrin.Co.In for free. Find resumes of job fit candidates for you.

Applicant Alerts

When any application/jobseeker applies to your posted job, JobGrin sends you alerts right away.

Response Manager

Response manager will take care of incoming messages, you focus on finding jobseekers.
More features are coming soon keep using JobGrin.Co.In and find the perfect candidate for you.
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