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Why Post Jobs On JobGrin?

Instant messaging

Instant messaging

JobGrin offers instant messaging features. so, the employer can contact a potential candidate instantly

Inbuilt ATS

Inbuilt ATS

We have an inbuilt Applicant tracking system (ATS), so the employers find only the finest resumes and don't waste time checking all the applications.

Social sharing

Social sharing

We share jobs on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others to thrive employer’s reach to job seekers.

Resume alerts

Resume alerts

Create resume alerts by entering proper keywords and get an email alert when new resumes get uploaded with your matching requirements

Free Resume Database

Free Resume Database

Access a huge resume database of JobGrin for free. Find resumes of job fit candidates for you.

Applicant Alerts

Applicant Alerts

When any applicant/jobseeker applies to your posted job, JobGrin sends you alerts right away.

Response Manager

Response Manager

Response manager will take care of incoming messages, you focus on finding jobseekers.

We are always improving our website to provide more comfort to you. More features are coming soon; keep using JobGrin.Co.In and find the perfect candidate for you. Still, got questions? You can always reach us here.

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Posting a Job on JobGrin is the quickest method to get your job in front of millions of people looking for work. You can post jobs for free and even sponsor them to hire quickly (you will be only charged whenever a job seeker clicks on your sponsored job).

To post a job if you already have a JobGrin account:
  • Visit JobGrin and log in
  • Click on "Employer/Post Job"
  • After completing the instructed steps, continue to finish the posting information and move to the next step.
  • Preview your job on the next screen and click "Confirm" to post the job.
To post a job if you don't already have a JobGrin account:
  • Visit JobGrin
  • Click on "Post Job"
  • Create a JobGrin account using a valid email address and strong password
  • After completing the instructed steps, continue to finish the posting information and move to the next step.
  • Preview your job on the next screen and click "Confirm" to post the job.

One of the best methods to maximize the exposure of your job to suitable people on JobGrin is to use job seeker-friendly names and descriptions in your job posts.

As JobGrin is a job search platform, “effective job names” and “precise job descriptions” assist in matching job seekers' search phrases as closely as possible, resulting in more qualified applicants clicking on and applying to your jobs.

Effective job titles are small, precise, and straight to the point. Describe the job you are hiring for, but do not add all the details such as required experience and required education; keep them for your job description.

Do not add all the details in the Job Title; job Titles that look like Job Descriptions are not a good idea if you are willing to hire quickly.

Exclamation points are internal acronyms, reference numbers, and abbreviations irrelevant to job searchers and are unlikely to be searched, and you should not add them to your job titles.

A job description should be comprehensive enough for candidates to assess whether or not they are qualified for the role. It should also include crucial information about your organization, including its culture and employee benefits.

What is the Job about? And how does your firm operate?

Outline roles and obligations using appropriate keywords and expressions. Give job seekers a feel of your company's culture and style.

Help the Job Seeker find if he is qualified for the job.

Specify all the education and certification requirements. Indicate the number of years of experience you'd like to have.

Steps to edit your job details:
  • Visit JobGrin and “Sign in” to your account
  • Click "Jobs" at the top of the page
  • Click on "More Action" by the side of the job
  • Click "Edit Job"
  • Click the "Edit" link next to any section you would like to alter
  • After adjusting the details of the job, click on "Continue"
  • Select "Confirm"

Job Content: If you need more qualified candidates, try refining your title or adding details to your job description to clarify what you need in an applicant.

Sponsored Job Budget: If you posted your job as a free listing and need more candidates, adding a Sponsored Job budget will make your listing easier for job seekers to find. If your job is already Sponsored, try increasing your budget if there is a lot of competition for the talent you need. Don’t worry; you can pause the sponsored job anytime you require.

Employer Details: You need to add details about your company. To enable job searchers to apply confidently, you have to add basic information about yourself and your organization. You need to give information such as your company's physical address, website, and email address.

A Job Title: The titles that perform best on JobGrin are those a qualified candidate would type into a search field, so avoid eye-catching buzzwords and add more popular words.

A Job description: A good job description contains the position's duties, daily chores, bonuses, and rewards. You can get started by taking the help of tips and templates provided by us.

List of Job Requirements: If your ideal candidate requires experience, certifications or degrees, language fluency, or other attributes, list them out. You can add these to your job listing as "Application Requirements" and find the most suitable candidates.