Digital marketing skills are touching the heights of demand and continuously evolving. As a result, it is a highly lucrative career option for many professionals. However, a digital marketing specialist must have hard and soft skills to manage a team effectively.

To learn how to do the different tasks involved with digital marketing, you can consult many Digital Marketing Gurus such as Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel. Further, to learn the secrets of industry leaders, you can also check out a few digital books.

You will need to be tech-savvy to become a digital marketer. When you enter the digital marketing field, you need to be ready for many challenges. Despite the challenges, this job is highly sought after.

You can learn these skills through YouTube videos and blogs. You will reap the rewards of digital marketing over time. It is important to invest in your digital marketing knowledge and understanding to pursue a career in this field. Let’s dive into this topic for smart insights.

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If you aren’t the one asking what digital marketing is, you’re probably familiar with the constant and rapid changes in digital marketing if you have been connected to it recently. To remain competitive, digital marketers must constantly evolve their marketing skills.

As digital marketing recruiters, we’ve got a firsthand perspective on modern-day digital marketing trends and what enterprises are looking for in their new marketing hires. The most sought-after skills are dynamic and change over time. They also vary greatly between different fields, including creative and analytics.

10 Digital Marketing Skills You Need To Know

1) Content Marketing

content marketing

Among the most impactful types of digital marketing is content marketing. It requires basic knowledge of writing, sharing, distributing, and publishing to your target audience. Soft skills are also required to reach your target audience.

It will allow you to create content that resonates with your target audience and is useful. A good soft skill is the ability to collaborate with others. It is always helpful to have the ability to look at things from the perspectives of your coworkers.

It’s an ability to take many ideas and combine them to create useful and comprehensive content. Also, it’s critical to communicate the information people need clearly and understandably.

This skill is great for those who need to grasp information quickly. However, it’s not easy to explain complex concepts in digestible chunks. Content marketing can increase brand awareness and educate readers and target audiences by creating content relevant to your niche.

Expected Salary: 4,00,000+ Per Annum

2) Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing involves connecting with your target audience via social media platforms to increase sales, drive traffic and build your brand. To build trust and increase brand awareness, digital marketers must engage with their target audience on social media. Social media channels are crucial for generating quality leads.

Lead generation is an essential factor. It will allow you to generate more leads through social media advertising. Digital marketers are known for generating leads via social media posts. Each post should be as engaging and informative as possible.

If done correctly, meme-type posts will get many likes, comments, and views. However, digital marketers must create strategic content via social media to increase engagement on posts. If you create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, social media can help you find potential customers.

Expected Salary: 5,00,000+ Per Annum

3) Email Marketing

email marketing

Every professional should be proficient in email marketing. Because of the high return on investment, email marketing is a more cost-effective option than other marketing strategies. However, you will need to be organized when using this digital marketing strategy.

There will be tons of emails you have to customize for your recipients. It is important to create campaigns that are relevant to your audience. Your recipients will need to be organized according to your company’s target.

Personalize your marketing strategies to ensure that your targeted audiences can relate to the newsletter. For example, email deliverability is a key focus for digital marketing professionals, and clever headlines are also important.

It is crucial to plan email marketing campaigns to increase the click-through rate of your emails. In addition, it’s critical to build a robust relationship with your customers, provide value and not spam email newsletters.

To create a successful marketing campaign, you can take an online course in email marketing because you can already see how much is required in this particular field. The “try and miss” formula doesn’t work here, and you need to be certain with your skillset.

Expected Salary: 4,80,000+ Per Annum

4) SEO Digital Marketing

SEO digital marketing

SEO is a vital digital marketing skill that requires intense marketing efforts. For stable website traffic, it would be helpful to understand the algorithms and the various sorts of SEO techniques.

It would help to search for keywords with high global search queries and low competition. It would be best if you used not only keywords but also improved your domain authority. You’ll have to optimize your whole website by all critical Google updates, especially E-A-T. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

These skills can help you improve your SEO skills:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

People scarcely go past the first page of SERP. To ensure that your website gets a lot of traffic, you should aim to rank on Google’s first page. Search Console and Google Analytics are two core tools that will allow you to understand how visitors interact with your site. To understand the level of competition and do competitor research, tools like Ahrefs and Semrush can be your best weapons, which you need to master.

Expected Salary: 4,50,000+ Per Annum

5) Video Production

video production

To run a successful digital marketing campaign, digital marketers must have good communication skills to produce videos. It is especially important if you are the star of the video. For example, a video is essential for blog posts to generate good engagement and improve customer service. In addition, a video makes it easier for people to understand.

If they have difficulty understanding the content by reading it, they can watch you explain it. Digital marketers focus on video production today because it is easier to consume video content. You can use infographics or slides with graphics to explain the content to users.

People are more comfortable with videos on social media, Google ads, and digital ads. However, you must be a skilled digital marketer to get the best out of your marketing and video production.

However, if you’re not that familiar and desire to learn, numerous online digital marketing courses are available that focus on video production.

Expected Salary: 3,40,000+ Per Annum

6) Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation combines technical and software components to automate your workflows. It includes email marketing, SMS marketing, and website notifications.

Marketing automation is a strategic tool for digital marketers to build a sales funnel.

Targeting consumers is key to automating your sales funnel through different channels. Because new visitors to your site won’t result in sales, you must plan and establish your customer journey, building trust, and brand awareness.

Marketing automation requires the following skills:

  • Use Marketing Automation Tools with Experience
  • Machine Learning
  • How to create landing pages
  • Data Analysis
  • Analyzing customer data

Expected Salary: 3,60,000+ Per Annum

7) Product Marketing & Project Management

project management

You probably thought product marketing was not digital marketing. Think about it. What are you marketing? Marketing a product is what you do. It is important to understand the packaging and communication surrounding the product.

The four Ps of Marketing are related to the product. These are the production, price, place, and promotion. It will help you, a digital marketer, make your campaigns successful and outlast other marketers.

You would not have believed project management was a skill that I needed as a marketer. Do you know about the period needed to get things done? How do you interact with your peers?

You need to manage projects effectively, understand your priorities, use your time well, interact with others, and make the most of your time. It is another tool you should have in your arsenal as a marketer.

Expected Salary: 5,40,000+ Per Annum

8) HTML, CSS, and Other Coding Languages

coding languages

You can add coding to your skillset. Although it is a great asset, you don’t need to be a true geek programmer. Even if you cannot code well enough to get a job, you will still have the skills to help you advance in the job marketplace. In addition, employers will appreciate that you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other common coding languages.

It shows they can solve basic problems on their own or make minor improvements to emails or site pages without IT support. You can go beyond the basics!

Expected Salary: 3,00,000+ Per Annum

9) Storytelling


Digital marketers must communicate effectively with their target audience, as we have already mentioned. Here is where Storytelling comes in. It is an art form to use stories and choose the right words to communicate your message to your audience.

Storytelling is a highly sought-after skill in digital marketing that must improve often. It is important to simplify complicated messages and explain them using stories to connect with your audience more personally.

These are the characteristics of a good story:

  • Acceptable by all
  • Personalized
  • People of all demographics
  • It’s well-structured so that it’s easy for you to understand
  • As compelling as possible to increase sales

It isn’t always possible that you’re given the best product to sell. The product may even be lacking in the competition, but the things must go on, right?

So, you need to engage your audience with human emotions to increase engagement and sales. It is important to give value to your users, understand their pain points, and tell them the story.

Expected Salary: 3,00,000+ Per Annum

10) Experimentation And Passion

experimentation and passion

You need to be curious as a digital marketer. Digital marketing requires you to try many things and be passionate about them. It would help if you kept up with the latest developments in digital marketing.

It would help if you were passionate about digital marketing, and you must continue learning new channels and be keen on experimenting with many things. So keep doing experiments, learning, and learning through them.

Expected Salary: 3,00,000+ Per Annum

Final Thoughts

This article will discuss the key skills you need to succeed in digital marketing. First, you must conduct deep data analysis to understand the customer’s reaction to your marketing strategies as a digital marketer.
You must be able to use all the tools available to you to succeed in digital marketing and construct a career in freelance digital marketing.

Talented folks should be able to comprehend and use all digital marketing tools, techniques, and software in digital marketing. You must see the user’s perspective when applying your digital marketing strategies. It is important to give value to users.

A Word of Interest:

No need to baffle yourself; after reading about those skills. You certainly don’t need to master each one of them. Even if you’re great at one or two, you’ll hire you. Also, if you’re a Jack of all trades, many companies will open the gates for you.

But the competition is high, don’t forget that.

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