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Agile Project Manager

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Job Summary

Strategy & Business Management:

Strategic approach to resolve a problem and accelerate process and organization efficiency with an excellent entrepreneurial mindset.

Decision influencer for the stakeholders to drive the business objectives with effective data points.

We require someone with minimum 4 years of experience in Project Management, who can deliver these responsibilities:

Establish a clear understanding of the business problems & long-term vision for the project and the project team Articulate the Scope and clearly communicates to the project team and the stakeholders Compose the project team and outline each stakeholder s role and responsibility areas Define the KPIs for project and resources in order to measure the variance and efficiency of project and team

Create, validate and prioritize User Stories in accordance to the UX wireframes in collaboration with the Client and project team 3 Determine dependency and sequence in how the User Stories can be best delivered Estimate realistic efforts and evaluate the teams capabilities Develop a robust project plan to execute and monitor its progress Capable of making the adjustments along the way as need be, before the project reaches its final stages Familiar to 3 rd party service integration; essentially basic ones including, but not limited to

SMS, Call, Navigation, Push Notification. Identify & evaluate the potential risks & dependencies even before the project initiates and implement measures to avoid or mitigate the impact Foster open communication to address risks/unknowns, ensuring every participant has an opportunity to express opinions, solutions and concerns Able to ask penetrating questions,

detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts Drive daily scrum, backlog refinement, sprint planning, sprint demo, and retrospective meetings Review the budget on timely intervals and plan to avoid budget overruns Define cost controls to ensure spends in line to the budget allocated Conduct weekly meetings and report the project progress, financial health, bottlenecks and escalations Perform

UATs behaving Client to the team and owns the quality delivered to the actual Client Enable the team to easily access knowledge and information at any given time and to ensure it flows seamlessly Key Communication driver to lead meetings in a controlled environment keeping it time effective and result-driven

4 Empathize all the stakeholders contributing to the Project and be a guide and go-to person for everyone in the team Formalize the end to end process of the Project from initiation to closing Strong vendor management skills, right from evaluating the Vendor to maintaining structural integrity with the Vendor for the successful delivery of the project Responsible for making decisions both small and large Continuously review experience, capture the learning points and make recommendations for process improvement Be part of the Scrum Master online communities on social media and contribute value internally and externally Contribute 1 blog each month on Agile process, learnings, a story about your own retrospective, the team on the company s website

Experience Required :


Vacancy :

2 - 4 Hires

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