Every Indian housewife and mom that stays at home is searching the internet nowadays for online jobs. Every day new people in high quantity are searching for online cash-making opportunities & create a living of their own. Doing home-based jobs as a housewife in your spare time is possible without spending dedicated time on full-time jobs.

Also, taking care of your family members simultaneously is possible too. This article will discuss the best online job ideas for housewives and home moms to earn money easily from their homes.

These approaches have a proven track record, and already numerous women are making their living from gaining money via online work from home.

Advantages of Working Online from Home

  1. Working with ease at your convenience is possible.
  2. As going to the office isn’t required, that means no commitments. Even if any emergency arises there, you can easily skip a workday.
  3. No investment is needed except for your PC & bills/recharges of the internet.
  4. Plentiful income.
  5. Higher qualifications & extensive job experience are not required.
  6. Managing your time will be easy.
  7. You will be your boss.
  8.  You can also maintain a work-life balance.
  9. Additional money savings.
  10. Less stress to commute 
  11. Impact of a positive environment.
  12. Enhanced Inclusivity.
  13. Enhanced Performance and Productivity.
  14. A customizable and sustainable office.
  15. All in all, a healthier and happier work-life

A few leading organizations offering remote work include Amazon, Salesforce, Pearson, Liveops, VIPKID, UnitedHealth Group, Transcom, Humana, Red Hat, CrowdStrike, and many others.

You might be considering which online jobs for you can opt? If you are a housewife searching to explore what online jobs are available, you can indulge in generating considerable money. This amazing guide will clear every “housewife job” doubt in your mind.

However, before hopping on to describe the ideal online jobs for housewives, it’s crucial to learn about “avoiding the risk/scam from online jobs.”

Best High Paying Part-Time Jobs for Housewives

It depends upon your skills and talent, but it is also equally crucial to being at the right job. So here are the best online jobs in India that can fill your purse with money!


Every woman undoubtedly has some creativity that most haven’t yet discovered. Blogging offers them a chance to indicate their creativity, which produces a lucrative second income for their home. You can begin blogging, which is actually among the first recommended online jobs for housewives because it’s the easiest method to start in no time.


Why? As all housewives & moms are fond of cooking, right? And they are passionate about this work. So in case you know cooking, then start a cookery blog and update every recipe there that you cook a fantastic idea with step-by-step info and publish on your blog.

Sell Products Online

While listing down the best high-paying part-time jobs for housewives, we certainly can’t skip the job of selling products inline! In addition, most young housewives have already learned artwork & preparing handicraft items during the college days they spent passing their free time.


Some of them will continue to create those kinds of stuff even after their marriage, and converting them into an online business that will make cash regularly is possible. So, yes! There are some websites out there where selling your artworks and hand-crafted products online is possible to make money.


There is effective online work for every housewife. If you’re struggling or facing difficulties in beginning your blog or selling products online, becoming a freelance writer is great. Numerous journals & magazines, also many blog owners are searching for creative content writers to utilize on their platforms.

This method could be highly simple; however, a little time-consuming as writing SEO-optimized articles is an art. Usually, you might not be able to write whatever you know? Firstly, you must research a keyword or choose your topic (It should be trending), and then some references are what you’ll search for over the internet.


After that, write articles of around 1500 words long with a clear picture of what are you going to describe? Normally a freelance writer can gain cash up to Rs.1000 for every article by replying to numerous factors, for example, the length of the article, the selected topic, the pictures’ number for reference, etc.

If your article frequents real-time statistical info, you will be charged more for a similar article. We’ve listed freelancing in our Best high-paying part-time jobs for housewife countdown.

Make a Youtube Channel

Many housewives and home moms were literate regarding who had enough time to spend to earn additional revenue. YouTube platform is what those women can use as their source of income and that too, without any investment. Register a FREE Account on YouTube using your Gmail ID and make a unique channel.

Now, you’ve to create videos as we have a handful of options, mostly housewives know, such as Cooking, Training, Education, tutorials, etc.


Publish the video on the channel you create and follow digital marketing strategies for driving visitors to provide you watch time through videos from your channel.

When your YouTube channel video has around 10000+ views & 1000 subscribers, you’ll be applied for Google Adsense and monetize your videos. The Google Adsense partner program permits YouTubers to earn money by monetizing their videos to showcase advertisements.

Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs are among the easiest jobs suitable for housewives and moms who stay at home. There are no professional or special skills or knowledge needed to work as a data entry manager from home.

You can earn cash from your home by entering data if you have a computer/laptop with an internet connection besides a free period between two to three hours every day. We recommend you register with those websites just for now and create your profile to get open jobs to work.


Join the sites listed below:

You can’t just like that register & take some good jobs, then do and earn money. You must create and verify your profile by submitting some of your important proofs.

Now you can locate the list and bid on the available jobs for the project you consider is suitable according to your requirements. Once the employer feels happy with your quote, you’ll get the job soon to work from home.

Travel agent/planner

A housewife worried about paying bills can certainly try a hand at an underrated job like a Travel agent/planner. However, booking trips on their own is a daunting task for many people, and in such cases, they prefer hiring a travel agent.

Don’t you think this job is absolutely fun and exciting? Well, just minimal efforts are needed.

While you can begin working for some company, you’ll have more autonomy and control if you live as a fully self-employed travel agent.


Several women out there do such part-time work at home, and in some cases, their income is even more than a manager’s salary.

Just imagine, how much can you gross by booking Disney vacations for families? But, on the other hand, suppose you managed to find cheap flights, low-cost yet enjoyable family vacations, and so on, then there are high chances that you attain success as an online travel agent.

Imagine booking a trip for 50 students of a class, a couple desiring to stay out and travel for long. Can you imagine the bulk you can earn by booking just a few such trips?

Freelance editing/proofreading

We’ve mentioned freelance content writing as an amazing work-from-home part-time job for housewives, but we know everyone is not comfortable writing content.

So, if you’re not interested in writing, another sweet alternative for you is editing, in which you can try your skills in mixing things up.


The only requirement is a good grip over English and grammar. You should have proofreading skills to filter documents rapidly and pinpoint errors precisely. You’ll get hired to review content like blog posts, books, reports, articles, etc. 

Depending on your job type (proofreading or editing), you may need a degree in a relevant field, but you’ll still get work if you provide free trials and grab clients. Don’t forget the skills mentioned up there.

Proofreading/editing is much more appealing for some housewives than content writing. So if you have skills, focus on being a proofreader, and it will certainly fill your purse.

Advisor of an Insurance

As an Insurance Advisor, you will represent an Insurance organization for selling insurance policies to your clients. They advise companies or individuals to choose the ideal insurance policy for life insurance, home, business, car/automobile, or other property.


There are never fixed hours for working. However, as a housewife, you can determine your own time and begin selling insurance policies to your family members and, after that, concentrate on the network of your friends.

Also, as a part-time Insurance Advisor, you’ll have the option to gain revenue as much as you want! The monthly income that you’ll get will be as per your potential. Most importantly, apart from the daily income, there are numerous chances to win foreign travel, cars & recognition!

Health Insurance Advisor (Mediclaim)

Working conditions and style are almost similar as described above for any job of Insurance Advisor.

Mediclaim and other health policy is nothing but a policy on health insurance, which is created especially to ensure an individual’s treatment expenses up to the sum assured. If the individual faces any medical emergency, get involved in an accident that might lead to hospitalization or be in an illness.


With greater people becoming aware of the advantages of cashless or other health insurance, the health insurance role as an advisor becomes essential.

As a Health Insurance Advisor that works Part Time, you not just script your financial growth but also assist other people in protecting their health & freedom from the financial part during their diseases & hospitalization times.

Advisor for Mutual Funds

As an Advisor of Mutual Funds, an individual is facilitating purchasing & selling of sets of mutual funds by investors. A distributor generates revenue upfront/trail commission by bringing investors into the policies of mutual fund schemes.

Working as a part-time mutual fund advisor will surely suit the nature of this business since individuals might fix up an appointment with you on Saturdays, holidays, free evenings, or Sundays!

mutuals funds

With enhancing the number of people realizing the requirement for professional financial assistance, becoming a mutual fund advisor is undoubtedly a promising opportunity!

How much will you earn? the straight answer is – “a lot!”

Affiliate Marketing

We always suggest that affiliate marketing is the best approach to making cash online. That’s because we’ve numerous organizations making an income via affiliate marketing that are generating a lot of revenue nowadays, and numerous other individuals too on the internetworking by themselves on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is highly simple, and it permits you to be creative. However, if you need a start-up, identify the process of generating money by blogging.

affiliate marketing

In short, those who work on affiliate marketing suggest products or services, and they receive a commission for every sale they refer to the seller. The ideal thing about affiliate marketing is that promoting any product or service is possible.

Searching for products to promote is too simple if you’re interested in a specific topic. The first requirement is to get the audience to which you can promote—the products/services. You can generate an audience via blogging, videos, writing, and social media.

Online Selling

We suggest this as a good opportunity, especially for those “stay-at-home” moms and housewives. It is a “job” that combines both online and offline work.

So, all the requirements are to create a product for the offline part. Also, this can be something at which you’re good, at or you enjoy.

online selling

For instance, setting up a tiffin service can be an excellent idea if you’re an ideal cook and prefer cooking! Make delicious meals, sell them to people and earn money.

You can, besides that, make handicrafts and some other items. If sewing is your sweet spot and you’re skilled at it, making fabrics can be an excellent idea. The following list contains the things that make & selling both are easy:

  • Food
  • Handbags
  • Sweets
  • Clothes
  • Handicrafts
  • Quilts & Blankets

In addition to reaching the most purchasers, you must sell these online. Try setting up your website or using a service to advertise your business.

Also, you can begin with an e-commerce business that you can do from your home this way. It might be a fulfilling business as you have both opportunities of enjoying and time killing by doing something you like and making money. So it’s both a hobby & a business too.

You can also generate significant revenue in case your business gets highly successful. After that, you can even scale it up.


You probably have your bachelor’s degree in the subjects. However, you didn’t continue in that field or career. That doesn’t imply that it went in vain. On the contrary, you can ensure what you gathered about that time by teaching it to other people.

Brushing up a bit can be required on what you learned in college, as you might have already forgotten. However, revise a little bit, and it will come to your mind again.


Teaching a subject will not be required. Fortunately, you can teach your native languages also. Individuals worldwide and even across the country are surely willing to learn your language. Therefore, they surely will pay you for having conversations and a bit of teaching them your native language.

There are two choose-able approaches accessible with which you can become an online tutor. The first technique is to contact individuals you know or try to establish connections.

Try searching for people who are in the requirements of online tutors. After that, teach them via your Skype account or at home. Numerous educational-based websites are seeking online tutors.

What should you be cautious about in Work From Home Scams?

Scammers will generate your trust with the enhanced scope & demand for online jobs. Be cautious! Some online job websites are authentic and charge no registration fee, and that’s the truth.

Scamming websites like this charges a registration fee from you, and after that, you might get caught by their trap. First, however, always remember to spend substantial time doing enough research and searching for legitimate work-from-home jobs. Then, grab the opportunity after you’re done with the investing, your due intelligence, and determining the job is authentic and credible.

The following approaches will assist you in securing yourself from fraudulent work from home organization scams:

1. Good enough research of the organization; never conclude just by gazing at the organization’s website.

2. Never pay for the opportunities. There are several legitimate online jobs to work from home organizations that never need you to pay even a single penny for your registration.

3. Try to use your common sense. For example, suppose the organization is paying beyond expectations, which seems like they are unreasonably high, at first. In that case, you must consider how an organization can earn profit themselves if they are offering you a plentiful amount of cash for such tiny part-time work.

4. Know the method of recognizing a scam. The greater ads and work from home postings you’ll be approaching and looking at, the more scams you’ll encounter, and with this deception pattern, you will become evident.

5. Always spotting the red flags is among the easiest methods of identifying fraudulent organizations.

6. Try asking them some appropriate questions regarding “work from home jobs for females” whenever needed; never hesitate.

7. Always avoid opportunities that are accessible in Search Engine Advertising/Unsolicited Emails.

8. Let the opportunities arrive at you.

Some Basic Work From Home Scammers

  • Starting an internet business
  • Envelope Stuffing
  • Survey Schemes
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Medical Billing
  • MLM Marketing
  • Organizations needing you to Recruit others
  • Those who pay for training

Best high paying part-time jobs for housewives: The Conclusion

So, making good money being a housewife isn’t as challenging as it sounds. You need dedication and, even more importantly, the right knowledge.

As a housewife or mom, Undoubtedly, you can earn money online from the comfort of your home with the help of these online jobs. However, it consumes time; you must first read and figure out how the online platform works. After that, working will be a breeze. A better suggestion would be to begin a cookery blog & post some new dishes daily.

Publish & promote your home network of individuals, for example, your family, college friends, or office co-workers. Permit them to visit your site and request them to promote their networks. Then, after receiving fantastic traffic, start monetization approaches to make money online.

The job market isn’t the strongest right now, and the credit goes to the pandemic. But, on the other hand, that’s why the demand for online jobs has vigorously increased. So, making a way for yourself could be more challenging than your expectations.

So, what should you do? Who can help you? Jobgrin is here to eliminate all doubts, and once you drop your CV, meeting the right recruiter doesn’t take time! Why wait?

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