“Why should I hire you” is a big question, where most of the candidates fail to solidify their impression. It’s such an important question that if you manage to answer it correctly, you’ve got one-third work done, as the employer will get a clear idea regarding your motto.

We’ll give you the ultimate impressive ideas to explain to the interviewer what makes you a good candidate for this position.

We’ve brought you these amazing answer examples.

Why Should We Hire you to answer: Key Points to Remember

  • Do extensive research about not just that particular company but also your job profile before preparing the final answer to this question.
  • Put truthfulness and honesty in your answer, as any fake story or information from your side may cost you the loss of the opportunity of that job.
  • Prepare beforehand but ensure that it shouldn’t look too rehearsed.
  • Never try to appear overconfident or too modest while answering the question.
  • Avoid talking about general achievements or skills irrelevant to the role.

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How not to answer the question – “Why should we hire you?”

When your targeted company’s hiring manager asks you that question, it’s crucial you don’t overthink your answer or panic. It’s also vital to avoid:

1. Begging for the job.

This is a huge sign of desperation, and you’ll likely decrease your value (and salary).

2. Overselling yourself.

Don’t keep on explaining how you’re a perfect worker, a tremendous person, and the best employee in the world for that job. While you want to be confident, don’t oversell yourself.

3. Reminding the hiring manager that you lack experience.

By preparing for the interview, stay updated with an idea of how to transform your lack of experience into amazing answers. However, reminding HR of your lack of experience will remind them there are (or can be) other candidates who are more qualified for that job.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #1

I can feel that rather than just a guy sitting at a desk and tackling his responsibilities, you need a sharp mind that can generate ideas to overcome ongoing issues of your company.
Spending 10 years in Client Management has sharpened my communication and insisting skills to a level where I can very well bend the down-falling graph upwards. I won’t say that I can make a “J” graph of success, but yes, I can start the mending work right from Monday if you want and show you a spike of success in sales within the first ten days.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #2

From what you’ve explained to me, I can clearly see areas of improvement, and that’s where I can play an impactful role. My last job was all about being responsible for implementing new strategies resulting in great efficiency savings in both money and time.

I’m a bold decision-maker, as I know that confusion highly impacts the sense of making decisions. Besides that, my approach is always there to cut off the chances of negative impacts of mishaps.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #3

What fills me with confidence in acquiring this position is my experience in technology, most importantly, in the web developing field. In my previous company, I used to maintain and keep all the company websites updated, and for the same, I received tons of appreciation. I applied several sorts of automation to handle the requirements of customers, and none of that automation ever collapsed.

I truly enjoyed being perfect at my job, and the same confidence drew me to your company’s door. I’ll feel glad to apply the same approach to your company’s websites as well.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #4

Thanks for asking. I have 13+ glorious years of leadership experience in the HR department. I have a fine sense of judgment about understanding the qualification, qualities, skills, and confidence level of the candidates. I’ve worked in an environment where I was supposed to hire continuously, and my whole schedule used to stay packed with interview rounds, tests, etc.

I have not hired employees, though. I have hired perfection, as the company’s benefit is my utmost responsibility. I would love to continue the same in your company and bring you the fittest candidates for your job posts.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #5

Undoubtedly, that’s an important question, which I was already expecting, and I’m confident to answer this one.

I’ve invested time in researching the intricacies of your company and understood that a skilled communicator and experienced marketer is what your company is searching for to thrive your business and help your company make its way through the competition.

In the company where I was previously working, I played an active role in the same department and increased their activity by 31% by implementing SEO and social media marketing-related knowledge and skills. I kept the company’s success as my top priority, and the same, I can do for your company as well.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #6

It’s a pleasure to answer your question. You’re a step ahead of me, as you’ve already got a clear idea about what exactly you’re searching for while I’m still attempting to learn your company. Till I’ve understood, I can figure it out that you’re in search of someone efficient at handling customer concerns perfectly and rapidly. I hope that’s accurate.

Now, in case the answer is “Yes” from the interviewer’s side, you can continue it like this:

Oh, nice. There was a time when I actively handled customer issues, and as I had nailed that job, the company got very good remarks from the customers whom I assisted with my confidence.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #7

I’m confident that the blend of my connections and your amazing setup would bring success. As an ambitious person, this opportunity would give me a superb platform to nurture, and I will develop and nurture social media for your company. I have got several tactics of increasing engagement instantly on social media pages.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #8

I cherished job listings and came across the fact that your company is looking for someone with impressive communication skills. I was holding an office at the National games council, where I learned how to maintain patience with aggressive participants of the games.

Coordinating such big events is a daunting task for anybody, and I’m pleased to say that everything throughout my work period happened smoothly. These qualities match those that you described today in the job requirement.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #9

I’m unaware of how experienced and qualified other candidates are, but I can confidently exclaim that the qualities which I have and the skills I’ve got make me the best suit for this job. I’ve spent 9 years serving the same position in another organization, which was roughly your size, and brought tremendous results while handling a team of 14 members in the marketing department.

I approved and managed budgets and developed creative campaigns. I won’t say that each of my strategies brought targeted results, but in those 9 years, I always managed to generate a 12% increase in our target demographic every single year. My record was 21%, which is unbeaten.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #10

I’ve always admired what your company has been doing in this space, and it would be a tremendous experience for me to be part of it. I may not possess each skill listed on the spec, but whenever I lack at something, my enthusiasm helps me to get over it. I have the tenacity and the desire to learn. I can be the “big target achiever” for the company.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #11

I’m happy to be asked. Earlier, you mentioned that leadership quality are a big plus point for this position, and it’s a cheerful thing for me that I bag 13 years of experience as a production manager.

I have handled a team of 25+ members for over 4 years, and in that period, I’ve earned the record production for my company for 3 consecutive years. The same qualities will help me nail this position in your company as well.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #12

I’ve carefully gone through the skills and experience listed in your company’s job description, and I’m confident enough to make an immediate impact on your company right after joining.

I’m already in my comfort zone, and the requirements listed are already the things I’ve been doing for 3 companies before this one and attained success. The same flow of success I can bring to your organization as well, and try to push my efforts even forth.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #13

I’ve recently graduated from college, and I accept that I’ve got nothing too impressive to mention under “Professional Experience.” However, the fact cannot be ignored that I’ve held offices in 3 different organizations and managed to tackle a full course load, and handled a job at the company’s admissions office simultaneously.

I’ve skilled myself in multitasking and prioritizing responsibilities, and I feel that the same qualities are needed for this job post. I’m sure that I’ll be managing my responsibilities and priorities for your fast-paced organization.

Why Should We Hire You: Example #14

I’m confident to call myself a perfect fit because what your company is selling is actually my passion. I know everything about Microwaves, OTGs, and toasters. Not just selling, but also I have a fine understanding of the internal components of these devices.

I can do a versatile job being on the sales manager’s job post in your company and open multiple doors of contribution to the company as well as the rest of the working units.

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Why Should We Hire You: Example #15

From reading this job description and talking with you today, I feel I can very well demonstrate all the skills required for the post. Possessing 6 years of commercial PHP Development experience within this sector, I would be able to add instant value from my very first day and begin working on completing a few of those amazing projects you’ve been discussing.

Some final thoughts

Again, for the question – “why are you a good fit for this job,” it’s important to come up with solid and impactful answers that match your personality and situation. It’s not just about how well you do. How realistic you manage to show yourself during the conversation is even more important.

When you’re asked why you would be a good fit for this position, they really mean you and not your resume. They’ve already gone through your resume, so, rather than showing ostentation related to your achievement, try to show them your real plans for the upcoming time.

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Otherwise, your resume will be hired, and not you!

So once you’ve positioned yourself in that interview room, drop all canned answers and pretenses. Listen carefully, and think about what exact question is really asking.

For example, if you’re asked why you believe you are suitable for this role, the best answer could be something that embraces your plans with that company, rather than just your past success.

We mean, just give your real answer, as they just don’t want someone to get the job done, but a person with whom they want to work every day. Stay honest, and you’ll do well.